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Convertible Tops

Convertible Top Repairs

  • ​Factory / Aftermarket
  • Canvas / Vinyl
  • Rear Windows
  • Frame Adjustments

Pacific Auto Trim does convertible top repairs, warranty repairs, installations, and all Insurance claims.

​You get your damaged top replaced or repaired to like new condition as well as repairs to frames, motors and hydraulic mechanisms.

​Pacific Auto Trim repairs:

  • ​Electrical Problems
  • Convertible Frames and Latches
  • Leaky Rear Windows
  • Clean and Treat the Fabric
  • Patch Damaged Roof  

When your convertible top requires replacement you get only the best products.

Ford Model T Convertible Top

Insurance Repairs for Convertibles, Upholstery and Glass

Convertible Repair Vancouver, BC

Get craftsmanship and care in transforming Your car’s Top, Interior and Glass from Damaged or Worn Wonderful!