June 10, 2014

Glass Roof Repair – 2010 Land Rover LR4

2010-Land-Rover-LR4This customer drives a 2010 Land Rover LR4 with a glass roof.

With all the talk of defective sun roofs lately we thought we would post this for all to read.

While driving on the freeway this customer heard a small pop come from above her on the roof. When she arrived at her destination she noticed a small crack starting to appear near the rear of the glass on the roof.

She got in touch with her dealer ( MCL Motor Cars ) and they sent her to us to have a look. When we inspected the roof we could see the impact area of the rock from the road that hit the glass.We were able to initiate an ICBC claim for her and replace the roof glass on her Land Rover.LR4-Glass-Roof-Broken

This type of damage happens a lot on newer vehicles with glass roofs, just like it does on a windshield; thankfully Land Rover has installed safety glass (laminated glass) as their sun roofs are not tempered glass. Tempered glass (like side windows) explodes into a million pieces when hit.

The cost of this job is approximately $2000.00 but with proper coverage thru insurance the owner only paid a deductible of $300.00 Land-Rover-Glass-Roof-Repair

May 12, 2014

Side Mirror Repair – 2002 BMW X5

2002 BMW-X5-SideMirror-broken

This customer has lived in his condo for 10 years with the same underground parking stall that happens to be beside a large pillar.

After returning from a long relaxing vacation, it was time to go back to work. So Monday morning he was running a little behind and his mind was still in Mexico… he was pulling out of his stall and bang! Turned the wheel a little to quick and took out his side view mirror.

He called the BMW dealer and was quoted approx. $1500 to have it repaired!

He called us and we were able to find him a used mirror that we could transfer to his painted shell. These are painted to match the car and thankfully his was not to badly damaged (…scuffed a little which we were able to polish out).

So his final bill with us was $720 parts and labour. An expensive lesson learned for him …watch your surroundings J or end up at Pacific Auto Trim and Glass!
2002 BMW X5 Side Mirror repair